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Companies like iStockPhoto or Shutterstock don’t allow their images to be redistributed and only allow use in preview images for our InDesign Templates. We don’t use “Extended License” of the images as costs exceed $ 400 per image.The same situation happens with the Mockups PSD.

Our Cost

If we use the extended license of the Stock Images and attach them in the InDesign Templates, we would have to sell each template at $ 69 and we would not have the annual subscription of $ 49.

Not everyone needs the same

We use the images to see the template and one of its possible uses. Each user can customize the space of the image according to their requirements. You just have to replace the space with your image and that’s it.

The solution

There are currently repositories of free images but with premium quality. We have prepared a list for you and invite you to visit and download.

+100 Free Stock Photography Sites

free stock photographysites