The Editorial Designer requires various resources and among them the InDesign Templates stand out , which will help you do your work more efficiently. Therefore, you must have a list of Best Sites to download Free InDesign Templates and which should offer templates with the following characteristics:

  • High or Medium quality
  • Easy to edit
  • For commercial use

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Taking into account the requirements of Editorial Designers, a list of 10+ Best Sites to Download Free InDesign Templates:

  • 1. Stockindesign
  • 2. Brosiu
  • 3. Best InDesign Templates
  • 4. InDesign Skills
  • 5. Infograpik
  • 6. Pagephilia
  • 7. invoiceberry
  • 8. Pagination
  • 9. Behance
  • 10. Designfreebies

10+ Best Sites to Download Free InDesign Templates

Welcome to the list of 10 websites so you can download Free Adobe InDesign Templates. Therefore, you can streamline your editorial work and save time.

1. StockInDesign

This website offers Free InDesign Templates in various formats: Free Brochures, Books, magazines, etc. The free templates incorporate the option to change the Main Fonts, Change the Main Color and other features. Although the Free Templates are not supported as this website has free Tutorials that will help you in editing the Templates.

Download Free Indesign Templates in StockInDesign

2. Brosiu

Brosiu is a new website that offers Free InDesign Templates with stylish designs and customization features in Free Templates.

Download Free Templates in Brosiu

3. Best InDesign Templates

The web allows the download of Free Templates but of a medium standard. You can browse and download the templates you like.

Best InDesign Templates

4. InDesign Skills

A more diverse selection of Free Templates and Premium Templates.

Templates of InDesign Skills

5. Infograpik

Infograpik has recently been included in and this brand is specialized in creating editorial Infographics in InDesign. That means that the infographics are native to Adobe InDesign and you can copy and paste between InDesign documents easily to edit colors, texts, etc.

Infographics elements for InDesign

6. Pagephilia

This website has various templates that deserve to be downloaded as they offer various editorial categories. One downside is the registration request to download the templates.

Templates of Pagephilia

7. InvoiceBerry

If your requirement is Invoice Templates for InDesign you can browse this site to download them for free and later edit them.

InvoiceBerry for Invoice Templates

8. Pagination

Download Catalog Templates for automation in Adobe InDesign. These templates are aimed at generating catalogs using the Data Merge tool in Adobe InDesign.

Templates for Catalogs

9. Behance

The Behance Platform allows you to have portfolios of Designers who, in some cases, provide Free InDesign Templates.

Templates in Behance

10. DesignFreebies

This last website offers some easy-to-edit Adobe InDesign templates; as well as other free templates in Photoshop and Illustrator formats.

Templates in DesignFreebies