What is the ISBN?

The Publications for a worldwide identification require an identification and for this there is the ISBN (International Standard Book Number), which is an international numbering system for books, approved as ISO 2108 standard and that allows better commercialization and distribution.

What kind of publications need an ISBN?

  • Books
  • Brochures
  • Movies and videos
  • Audiobooks
  • E-books

Advantages of having ISBN

The ISBN must be processed mainly by publishers through the corresponding agency according to their country. Once the number has been obtained, your publication may have the following advantages:

  • Have a unique identification number worldwide.
  • The ISBN may serve as a unique identification number in various databases to facilitate management.
  • The numbers that make up the ISBN are codes that describe the formats, editions, etc.; and with this, it helps to identify each edition and type of publication.
  • The ISBN can be read by barcode scanning machines as they use an EAN barcode. 13-digit UCC.
  • They can search for your publication in the databases of libraries and electronic stores through the ISBN number.

How to generate the ISBN barcode in EPS format for free?

When you have the ISBN number you will only have to go to the ISBN barcode generator website to be able to generate the ISBN barcode.

Free barcode generator for ISBN

In addition to being free, the ISBN barcode generator offers the possibility of exporting the final file in formats: AI (Illustrator) and EPS. This feature will allow you to edit the Bar Code easily and quickly to integrate the bar code elements into your cover design.

Barcode generator for ISBN

Barcode Producer

The Barcode Producer is a Premium application for MAC and Windows that is aimed at generating ISBN barcodes with advanced direct export options for Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, PDF, EPS, etc. In addition, this Application has the option of generating barcodes for various standards and includes the ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) and the possibility of generating barcodes in batches.

Barcode generator for ISBN